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Welcome to the Employee Economy

Where employee-first is company centric. Delivering accurate payroll, on-time, every time, tops the list of ways to keep your people engaged and motivated.

But when your business is growing, payroll can be a challenge. Finding a single integrated solution that solves all your payroll and HR needs isn’t easy.

Alight can help.

Are you overspending on your payroll delivery?

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It takes a smarter payroll strategy

In the era of the employee, smarter payroll strategy matters more. You need a partner with compliance and risk expertise who operates on a single, integrated system that grows with your workforce. You need simple language and insights to reduce costs and help prove to your organization just how much value payroll brings.

It means more than a pay day

Your people are your company’s greatest asset. And they need to get paid — accurately and on time. But their payroll needs don’t end there. They need a user-friendly platform to access their payslips and information, and help understanding their tax, payment options, paid time off and sick day pay. We set them up with a simple and accessible platform to do just that.

Be strategic with the way you pay

With expert consultants and technology, we help you realize areas where you can add value to your payroll processes — no matter the current challenges you face.

The right fix for your payroll needs

We help you choose the right solution — whether you need advice on scaling, moving into new global markets or leading your strategy, or want to fully outsource payroll to our specialists.

Day-to-day payroll help while you plan for down the line

We offer help designing your payroll strategy, case and delivery, including optional managed services to lift, shift and transform your payroll admin during the intermediate period.

Eradicate entry errors

We’ll help move your payroll to the Cloud and integrate it with the rest of your HR services.

Less stress, more functionality

We offer different levels of local or global outsourcing depending on your needs, so you can focus on more strategic initiatives.

Our payroll solutions

Keep your system in shape from anywhere. We help you design, deploy, manage, optimize and scale your payroll in more than 100 markets.

Whether you need help moving to the Cloud or managing your payroll system, our payroll services empower you to make the maximum strategic impact on your business.


  • Platform ease-of-use for payroll staff and employees alike
  • Hands-on consultancy and support as an extension of your team
  • Visibility over employee information and company analytics, including real-time data
  • Integrate payroll solutions with your existing HCM

We help you apply a standard and centralized outsourcing model for a truly globalized payroll so you stay in control, and your global workforce always gets paid on schedule.


  • Deliver accurate and compliant global payroll on time
  • Ensure your business meets the latest rules and regulations
  • Improved experience for both your business and people