Building compliant payroll processes with Workday & Alight

Recorded on: 24.10.2023

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Local payroll legislation is making it increasingly difficult for companies to keep up with changing regulations. According to the Alight Global Payroll Complexity Index Report 2023, a bi-annual study ranking 40 countries in terms of payroll complexity, nine of the world's ten most complex payroll countries are in Europe.

In short, the more countries a company operates in, the more difficult it can be to implement standardised payroll processes and keep them up to date. Organisations often lack uniform HR structures and have as many different payroll systems as they have geographical locations.

In order to ensure payroll operations meet compliance requirements, companies should ideally create a homogeneous database for HR administration and payroll that seamlessly integrates the full employee life cycle.

Dirk Burkamp and Axel Greifzu will showcase the integrated solution provided by Workday and Alight to discuss how payroll processes can be easily harmonised and standardised. You will also learn how cloud-based payroll solutions provide better insights into the payroll cost structure of a global workforce.

Key points you can expect to walk away with:

  • Global Payroll Complexity Index Reports 2023: How does Swiss payroll rank compared to other country payrolls and why is it so complex?
  • Integration of payroll into existing HR processes / how to create homogeneous HR and payroll processes
  • How does the right payroll partner look like?

Learn how the Alight & Workday partnership supports building a unified HR and payroll environment.

Floris van Heijst
VP DACH, Alight

Axel Greifzu
Senior Solution Consultant, Workday

Dirk Burkamp
Workday Practice Lead, Alight

Nina Nüllmeier
Pre-Sales Consultant, Alight

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