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Searching for a modern employee experience

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With economic expansion, low unemployment, a Baby Boomer retirement wave, and continued pressure on productivity and innovation—it’s more critical than ever for you to design and deliver an employee experience that truly enables you to recruit, retain and engage the talent you need for superior performance.

Watch our webinar, Searching for a modern employee experience for insights from our fourth annual Workforce Mindset® Study. The discussion will be led by Alight experts who will cover a broad range of new data that reveals employees’ latest thinking about the overall employee experience, including cultural characteristics, total rewards, communication, and technology. There’s something for everyone who cares about and influences the employee experience—no matter your role.

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  • Gain a deeper understanding of what today’s workforce views as differentiating (or not) and insight into what that really means to them and to your employee experience.
  • Learn about the key drivers of the overall employee experience and what matters to people, so you can better focus your resources in ways that make an impact.
  • Get insights on how perceptions are changing in critical areas such as total rewards, communication, and technology.

Get insights from top experts

Ray Baumruk
Vice President, Consumer Experience Research & Insights

Laine Thomas Conway
Vice President, Consumer Experience Talent Best Practice Leader

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Searching for a modern employee experience

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