The Critical Role of Automated Testing in Managing Your Company's Information Systems

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Rigorous testing is critical when deploying Workday. It's a process that can be slow and tedious for people to perform manually, and there's no guarantee they'll find every potential problem before going live. Even configurations that are well-tested and working correctly today aren't safe from problems later when Workday updates roll out. Ongoing testing, during setup and after launch, can catch those issues before they become expensive liabilities. Instead of relying on people, however, automated testing can be faster, more efficient, and more accurate — plus, it frees up employee time for other projects. We'll discuss what companies face when a quality, and automated, Workday testing system isn't in place; the benefits of automated testing; and what trends we're seeing in automation.

What problems are companies experiencing when they aren't doing proper testing?
Discuss the issues companies deal with when they use incomplete or flawed testing for their Workday configuration. What if they're relying only on Workday's testing?

What are the benefits of automated testing?
Accuracy and efficiency are important, but there are more benefits. Does automated testing catch issues human testing might miss? How do companies know if their automated testing is accurate and complete? Should testing continue beyond the Workday configuration and deployment phase, and why? What about burnout if employees have to manually test and check?

Trends in automation
Where are companies looking to add automation, and where should they be looking? Are we seeing changes in the amount of data being collected, and how it's being interpreted? Will companies change the way automation fits into their business model? Are AI and machine learning more than flashy marketing terms in automation?

Cathy Huotari
Global Testing Practice Leader

Melodie Sargent
Program Test Management Director

Gopo Velagundula
VP of Product Development, RapidIT Cloudbera

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