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As digital transformation projects that were stopped or delayed due to the pandemic look to restart, they are competing for limited company resources, changing priorities and uncertain budgets. Companies are faced with returning to some level of normalcy but with new cost-optimization challenges, an increased list of lessons learned from the pandemic, and less budget to get it all done. With a renewed appreciation for how quickly the world can change, companies no longer have the luxury of time and money to get their transformations done, they are faced with prioritization challenges and resource constraints and are increasingly looking for a way to mitigate the project risks.

Join us for this episode to learn how you can transform your HR/Payroll service to an enhanced, agile, and more future-proof service experience using an accelerated approach that reduces risk and guarantees cost savings.   

During this episode, we will discuss:

  • The case for accelerating change: What do companies want?
  • Service Transition and Transformation: what is this all about?
  • How transformation is achieved
  • Why and when transition and transformation make sense?
  • How can we help to transform to an enhanced, agile and more future-proof company

JP Janssen
VP Business Development

Marianne Langlois
Director, International Go to Market Enablement

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