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Alight on securing post-COVID budget for digital HR projects

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How do you define the value of an HR modernization project at a time when multiple departments are fighting for post-Covid budget?

Project managers can fall into the trap of being unrealistic with business cases and not fully taking into account innovation, available resources and budget constraints. Failing to do this heightens the likelihood of project failure, or at least issues with the timeline or smooth running of the project.

It’s therefore crucial that before all else project viability is proven. Start with the stakeholder who have most influence on your project. These usually control the essential resources and expertise needed for success. Getting their formal buy-in upfront is crucial.

Next, depending on the project size, scope and complexity, you must fully understand the operational objectives of each stakeholder. By doing this, you get their support, feedback and identify any potential resistance, ahead of building out and presenting the business plan.

In this Alight On episode, our expert team provides you with powerful tips to help get your business case, and give your HR transformation project, the best chance of long term success.

Jas Madan
SVP, Value Engineering

Melina Shalaby
Sr. Director, Value Engineering

Colin Brennan
Executive Vice President, Wealth Solutions and Strategy

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