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Asking the right RFP benefits questions

Join us for this episode of Alight on to hear from our experts on how to best set your team up for success when choosing a new benefits technology provider. We’ll cover which RFP questions to ask, what information is vital and key considerations for making the best decision for your people.

Josh Welch
Vice President, Heath Product Solutions—Alight

Colleen Pappas
Vice President, Channel Development—Alight

Brad Mandacina
Vice President, Director of HR Tech—Lockton

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at 12:00 p.m. CT

Selecting the right technology to boost your benefits strategy typically starts with a well-prepared RFP process. But how do you know which questions to ask to drive the right technology decisions?

In this episode, we’re bringing you tips and suggestions on what to include and look for in your RFP from both a technology and consultant/broker point of view. From the basics to the in-depth questions you should ask to meet your specific needs, we will provide you with a strategy to simplify the preparation and evaluation – helping you nail your next RFP process!