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Leaders understand strategy and data-driven decision-making, yet many struggle to operationalize insights across the entire enterprise — particularly when it comes to applying the same rigor around people decisions as they do to other financial considerations. Unfortunately, without an in-depth understanding of, and visibility into, employee experience, organizations risk long-term repercussions, including poor morale, a tarnished brand reputation, and revenue loss.

Join us for this episode to learn how you can better use your own data to increase employee engagement, while simultaneously improving business outcomes.

We’ll discuss:

  • Overcoming challenges when using data to derive insights about employee experience.
  • Untapped data opportunities for organizations to increase employee engagement and drive business outcomes.
  • Strategies for using data analytics to optimize costs, reduce risks and improve employee experiences.

Cari Wilkins
Vice President, Analytics

Ray Baumruk
Vice President, Employee Experience Research & Insights

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