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Optimizing your Workday platform for smarter outcomes

Your business objectives depend on your ability to make smart decisions, and those smart decisions come from data-driven insights. You’ve invested in the technology to collect, store and report on your data to drive those insights, but if your system isn’t optimized, you won’t get the information you need to make those smart decisions and optimize your overall outcomes. And when your business inevitably changes over time, your ability to adapt your technology, processes and people will depend on a solid foundation. You need a partner who understands how to create a sustainable and solid foundation that drives the data insights you need to meet your business objectives, today and in the future.

You are not alone.

Technology has come a long way since the legacy and on-premise days. Most organizations have made an investment to better their technology with a cloud solution like Workday, but, even with the right technology in place, keeping these systems well-maintained and optimized can be a drain on your time and resources, and may at times exceed your team’s technical knowledge.

Here are some of the typical reasons we see Workday customers needing an extra helping hand:

  • Technical expertise on complex cases
  • Overworked HR team
  • HR team attrition
  • Business need outweighs the HRIS team capacity or capability
  • Backlog of tasks
  • Lack of time and expertise to test and run each Workday Release
  • Low user adoption
  • Have not yet realized the investment in Workday
  • Need support with ad hoc project work
  • Need guidance and recommendations on the future roadmap
  • Want to reskill HR team to focus on value added tasks

Did you know?

Many Workday customers have already recognized the need for a partner. We provide Workday Application Management Services to over 350 customers to support them on their ongoing optimization journey.

A flexible partnership to suit you

Our Workday Application Management Services support models are designed to be flexible and agile around your business needs and are built with our customers in mind. Click the boxes to learn more about our support options.


With each of our support models, you will be partnered with a Workday certified Account Manager as your day-to-day contact. Not only will they provide you with status updates and regular reporting, they will partner with you to develop strategies to meet your HR and business objectives and create a roadmap for your future Workday journey.

Meet the needs of your ad-hoc requests with our Workday expert resources. This service helps you with your day to day production support tasks and inquiries via a discretionary pool of hours you use when you need them to help you get the most out of Workday.

Workday releases new functionality twice a year with optional and mandatory features included. We take the time to understand your environment, ensuring the mandatory features work with your existing setup, and make recommendations on which optional features you should take advantage of.

With new features and functionalities, it’s important to check on the health of your Workday tenant. Our experts will talk to your key stakeholders about your goals, challenges and concerns, diagnose the drivers of dissatisfaction and inefficiency, provide recommendations for improvement opportunities and execute on approved recommendations.

This model is designed for customers looking for us to own the day-to-day support of their Workday tenant and integrations while providing strategic oversight and governance.

We can help you modify existing or develop new integrations as business needs arise, as well as monitor your integrations for operational efficiency in a post-production environment.

Ideal for customers who need more consistent, ongoing Workday support with certified resources aligned to your account to partner with you and enhance your HRIT bench.

Support your urgent production issues, technical questions, and small-scope modifications such as new pay components, business process updates or changes to existing reports and integrations.

If you find yourself needing additional functionality that may be licensed but not part of your original Workday deployment, we can help you deploy that functionality.

Complete a health check of your Workday tenant

The first stage in understanding how you can optimize your Workday platform is to understand how you are utilizing the functionality available to you today. Watch the video to learn how our Tenant Assessment may benefit your organization.

Workday Application Management Services (AMS) Assessment

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