Employee Guidance

Empower your people to make better benefits decisions

Help your workforce understand their enrollment options and make well-informed choices through benefits decision support.

One-on-one enrollment

Personalized support and education from licensed benefit counselors, assisting with plan selection and delivering consistent employer messaging.

Custom communications

Employer-specific content and communications providing benefits information, enrollment details and pre/post-announcements.

Voluntary benefits services

Plan selection and delivery strategies, group and individual impact analyses, and platform compatibility consultations.

Frequently asked questions

Alight Benefits Guidance can be/often is combined with other Alight solutions. For example, when a client is using an Alight benefits administration platform, our benefit counselors are transacting employee elections directly into those systems. Another example is using Alight Benefits Guidance in conjunction with Healthcare Navigation to help employees through the full employment lifecycle by helping them “choose” benefits as a new hire or at annual enrollment (Alight Benefits Guidance) and helping them “use” their benefits throughout the plan year (Healthcare Navigation).

Our clients come to us for a variety of reasons to assist them in solving challenges or accomplishing key goals/initiatives. These areas of improvements mostly focus on benefits delivery and general education regarding benefits plans, communication and employee engagement. Challenges range from (but are not limited to) ensuring employees choose the right medical plan, increasing awareness of an employer’s investment in benefits and educating employees on the value of wellness/navigation solutions.

One-to-one enrollment

The short answer is no, both options deliver a personalized benefits session and effective benefits communication. Call center enrollments are staffed with the same licensed benefit counselors who conduct onsite enrollments, offering the same consultative experience whether enrolling in-person or over the phone. The only significant difference involves sign-ups and the typical preparation for having counselors ‘on the ground’.

Yes. Many of our existing clients have multiple benefit classes, and different benefit options within each. During the implementation process, the dedicated client team collects all benefit details and puts together a comprehensive training manual for use by the benefit counselors throughout open enrollment. During the client-specific training, counselors are educated on the nuances of each plan and the potential differences between benefit classes.

Additionally, the class of the employee is identified within the enrollment platform, which guides the counselor to review the appropriate benefits specific to each individual.

Custom communications

We work with each client to determine what’s included in their communications campaign based on their objectives, employee base and needs. Our benefits communication campaigns are not templated. Each client receives collateral that matches their branding or, if they choose, a separate look and feel custom created for them. Our most common deliverables include benefit guides, newsletters, posters, digital screen signage, postcards, wallet cards, one-dimensional microsites, animated videos, email blasts, etc. However, we can create additional creative items any client needs.

Voluntary benefits services

No. These services can be provided to existing clients whether they use our counselor services or not.

We can work with most carriers. However, through our carrier partnerships, we’re able to obtain proposals for products that can easily be administered on our platforms. We also offer reduced implementation fees for products offered through our carrier partners.

We partner with a client’s existing broker to offer these voluntary benefits services. If the client doesn’t have a broker, we can serve that function for the voluntary benefits process.

More of what’s possible with Eligibility and Compliance

Educate your people and assist them with plan selection and enrollment through personalized, one-on-one support from our benefits counselors.


  • Annual enrollment campaigns
  • Formal new hire orientation
  • Solutions customized to your needs

Improve your employees’ wellbeing, drive engagement, manage costs and empower better decisions by putting the right message in front of them at the right time so they can take the right action.


  • Provide information driven by data analytics and AI
  • Consider each employee’s unique circumstances through omnichannel messages
  • Help every employee make smarter decisions

Digital experiences help your people understand their options and make better benefits choices for themselves and their families.


  • Simplify the process with guided enrollment experiences
  • Educate employees with videos, cost/expense modelers and interactive learning tools

Use our digital multi-event space to connect with your people — and their families — where they are, when it’s convenient.


  • Give employees on-demand access to presentations, tools, support materials and participating vendors or carriers
  • Industry-leading content and omnichannel communications drive attendance and engage employees
  • Connect with employees at an annual benefits fair or plan a series of events to rally sales, champion diversity or inspire wellness — the choice is yours