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Are healthcare costs reaching the limits of affordability in your organization? Consider a Dependent Eligibility Audit.

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Could your organization be covering ineligible dependents? Do you know why?

<1% Fraudulent activity

30% Misinterpretation

70% Unaware

One catastrophic claim can cost millions

Average annual costs to cover a dependent is $4100

On average, we find 5–7% of dependents ineligible

What are ineligible dependents costing your organization?

We find an average of 5% to 7% dependents ineligible in one-time audits, leading to an average 1700% return on investment on the audit itself. Simply enter in the number of dependents you cover today and calculate the savings your organization can achieve from a dependent eligibility audit!

Average cost of a dependent


Number of covered dependents

Average ineligible rate*


*We find an average ineligible rate of 5% to 7% for an initial comprehensive audit. We have averaged it to 6% for calculation purposes.

A dependent audit could save your organization

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Interested in learning more about Dependent Eligibility Audits? Watch our quick 20 minute webinar.

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