2020 Workforce Mindset Study

Getting a pulse on employers' response to COVID-19

As organizations continue to navigate the many challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty about the future remains high among workers. In July 2020, Alight conducted its annual Workforce Mindset© Study, providing a line of sight into employee perceptions after the initial months of the pandemic.

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Workers overwhelmingly feel as though their needs have been taken care of during the pandemic.


of workers believe that their organization has responded to their needs


of workers believe that their organization has responded to the needs of their customers

Despite feeling like their needs are being met, most employees are still less than thrilled with their employer’s response to COVID-19.


of people feel better about their employer as a result of their response to COVID-19


of employees believe their employer’s response to COVID-19 makes them more attractive to potential new employees


of employees would recommend their company as an employer when taking their response to COVID-19 into consideration

The good news is communications are not a roadblock to employers’ responses.

62% of workers

know where to go to find up-to-date information related to work, benefits and other impacts of the pandemic

60% of employees

feel well-informed by their company on matters related to COVID-19 and its impact on work and business