The Benefit that Savvy Employers Offer — Lifestyle Accounts

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No two organizations are alike—nor are their employees' wants and needs. In this era of the employee, differentiating benefits is imperative, and recruiting and retaining top talent depends on how an employer sets itself apart from competing employers.

Whether it be with competitive salaries, employee perks, or highly sought-after benefits, providing employees with flexible ways to meet their needs enhances the employee experience, increases retention, and improves outcomes. Lifestyle accounts offer a flexible, convenient way for all employees to save and spend money on what matters most to them.

Consultants and employers turn to Alight for Lifestyle Spending accounts when…
  • They need a solution to move their DE&I initiatives forward by offering an inclusive benefit solution (examples: someone needs bus fare to get to work or someone would like to pay off their student loans).  
  • They are looking for new and creative ways to attract and retain employees. 
  • They are perplexed about how to meet the needs of five different generations on their payroll and feel pressure to address employee-specific needs.
  • They want to give employees the flexibility to save and spend on things or outcomes that they need.
Watch this webinar to learn:
  • How employers can recognize their workforce and provide value at an individual level
  • The latest insights and research on how incorporating lifestyle spending accounts differentiates your benefits package from the competition

Bob Tucker
Vice President - Advisor Relations

Marcy Eberhard
Vice President – Sales Leader

Josue Velez
Health Point Solutions – Solutions Architect

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