Simple? Kicking off open enrollment.

Not so simple? The roadmap to a successful one.

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A seamless benefits experience stems from a quality enrollment process. But as every benefits leader knows, the path to get there may not be as clear cut. You need solutions that are simple enough to navigate but backed with the substance to perform as expected.

Is it possible to simplify your enrollment process with so many moving parts?

The answer is YES. Check out our free e-book—7 Tips for Simplifying Your Open Enrollment—and get ready to take the first step in transforming your benefits experience.

Did you know?

Worker wages have risen 26% from 2008 to 2018 and family premiums have increased 55%—twice the rate people are making1

Only 50% of employees know where to go for information to help them pick the right health plans2

Only 4 in 10 employers say their human resources platforms are effective and/or easy to use3

These statistics indicate there is room for improvement in the enrollment space. Our e-book is here to guide you with tips for overcoming common obstacles, engaging your people effectively and optimizing your overall benefits experience. Wherever you are in your benefits journey, Alight is here to support a successful, hassle-free experience. Download the e-book now to get started.

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