A group of business people interacting over video conference calls or in person An illustration representing leadership, culture, and data and how it plays roles in defining profitable employee experiences
Research report

Unlocking Enterprise Value:
How leadership, culture,
and data define profitable employee experiences

A 2021 Harvard Business Review
Analytic Services research report

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The time for employers to act is now.

Data possesses enormous potential to help organizations stay competitive, save money, boost profits, power digital transformation and design programs that keep employees engaged and productive. But many employers, despite laying claim to vast repositories of data, aren’t using data to its full potential, particularly when it comes to engaging their people and creating impactful employee experiences.

Download this report today and learn how your organization can better use its own data to increase employee engagement while simultaneously improving business outcomes.

This report reveals key findings around:

  • Barriers to optimizing employee experience
  • Grabbing the attention of the C-suite
  • Embedding data into culture
  • Prepping data for parsing
  • A new framework for engagement
Shaping employee experience An illustration representing possible directions.

Creating a purpose-driven workforce that drives profitability stems from a number of different outlets.

Optimizing the employee experience using data is often an untapped resource. Most companies have stores of employee data — from health and financial information to performance metrics — but most are simply not using them.

The statistics below depict data used by employers today to shape the employee experience.1

How does your organization compare?

Human resources data (i.e., payroll, engagement surveys, talent management solutions)
Company surveys sent to employees
Well-being and wellness
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
Searching for the right data and insights An illustration representing data being analyzed

Employers need the right insights to drive a great employee experience.

Download the full research report — Unlocking Enterprise Value: How Leadership, Culture, and Data Define Profitable Employee Experiences — to get the detailed insights.

  1. Data according to the 2021 Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Pulse Survey of 465 respondents (Unlocking Enterprise Value: How Leadership, Culture, and Data Define Profitable Employee Experiences)