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Managing the COVID‑19 mandates, together.

COVID-19 has permanently changed the way the workplace works. And recently announced mandates are pushing vaccination management and test tracking to the top of the HR priority list.

Is your organization ready?

Helping employees return to the workplace safely and keeping your organization compliant with regulations, will require the ability to record, process and report on your employee vaccination and testing data.

Your HR team needs seamless solutions to navigate through the uncertainty. Alight’s tools and expertise help you put your people back in place, safely.

Seamless and secure vaccination and testing verification support — powered by Workday.

Alight’s portfolio of vaccine and testing tracking solutions, powered by Workday, make it easy for your employees to report and update vaccination and testing status. Taking your capabilities one step further, the Alight solution enables notification pushes, process automation and configurable functionality depending on your organization’s policies. In addition, the solution provides an easy, guided experience workers can complete directly from their Workday inbox or on their mobile devices.

With exclusive access to the Alight custom dashboards, your business leaders will gain access to the data-driven insights they need to keep your people protected and compliance managed, confidently.

Solutions to meet you where you are on your Workday journey

With three solutions available based on your organization’s current Workday functionality, you can put some peace of mind in your return-to-work plan.

Leverage existing Workday functionality

Configure a custom object enabling employees to easily add, update and evidence their vaccination status in Workday or automate weekly notifications for testing. With exclusive access to the Alight Workforce Insights dashboard you can track and report on insights, compliance and areas of risk.

Integrate third-party tracking data with Workday Prism Analytics

Already have a vaccine and testing management solution in place? Pull in employee vaccination status and testing data from third-party systems and blend it with your existing people data. Present the combined data natively through Workday’s comprehensive reporting framework to enable rapid decision making and effective contingency planning.

Build and deploy with Workday Extend

Optimize your vaccine recording, tracking and reporting efforts with a custom solution powered by Workday Extend. This intuitive app allows your employees to record and upload evidence of vaccine status or record weekly testing updates and gives your team real-time updates in the Alight Workforce Insights dashboard. Utilize existing Workday functionality to quickly get a solution in place and update the user experience with Workday Extend later, so you can start tracking sooner.

What you get with Alight + Workday

Access to Alight insight

Leverage Alight expertise and industry best practices for a solution with rapid results. You can be tracking data in a matter of weeks.

Customized configuration

Customize the configuration of your vaccine and testing management solution to align with your organization’s return-to-work policy.

Easy upload

Allow your employees to upload evidence of their vaccination status and test results. You can also configure approval steps as necessary.

Timely alerts

Alert your workforce that action is needed directly through Workday for increased program adoption.

Automated notifications

Save time and work for your team by automating regular task notifications for workers that require testing.

Detailed dashboards

Leverage Alight dashboards configured to meet your specific reporting needs. Show data by key metrics such as location, region, workspace, business line and more to enable strategic planning.

Peace of mind

No matter your Workday functionality, you can be confident your team is tracking comprehensive data and your organization is keeping up with compliance.

Not a Workday customer yet? We’ve got you covered.

Check out Alight Verify, the platform that enables vaccine and test tracking with personalized messaging for your workforce.

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