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9 questions your clients will ask you in 2019

A 3-part series

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It’s a fresh new year and the pace of growth and change in HR is not slowing down. Your clients are looking to you for guidance and insights. Alight Solutions is here to help. We’ve pulled together a list of 9 key questions your clients may be asking you in 2019 and have provided the insights you need to have conversations with your clients.  

We’re excited to offer a 3-part webinar series that dives into these 9 questions and provides you with research, key insights and tips you can share to help make 2019 a successful year for you and your clients.

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Webinar 1:

Wednesday, January 23  |  On-demand replay available

We discussed benefits and how to help your clients get their people engaged in the valuable programs they offer.

  1. How do I maximize the value of HSAs to my people?
  2. They've enrolled in voluntary benefits, how do I keep them on the plans?
  3. How can my people better engage in and take advantage of the benefits available to them?

Webinar 2:

Thursday, February 7  |  On-demand replay available

Analytics, portals, virtual assistants – all HR buzzwords. How can your clients use the wealth of tools and technology to keep their people engaged and productive?

  1. How can I get year-round engagement in my benefits portal?
  2. Lisa, Alexa, Emma... How can they help my people engage in their benefits?
  3. How can I best use the tools and analytics available to me?

Webinar 3:

Wednesday, February 27  |  On-demand replay available

Moving HR to the cloud is truly an opportunity to transform the function. How can you help guide your clients that are both ‘considering the cloud’ or already ‘in the cloud’?

  1. What’s different when you’re in the cloud?
  2. We’re live in the cloud…now what?
  3. AI? Robotics? How does the latest in automation advance my HR capabilities?

9 questions your clients will ask you in 2019

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