Looking for ways to maximize CDHP enrollment and cut healthcare costs?

It may be time to rethink your HDHP and HSA strategy.

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How are people using HDHPs and HSAs today?

40% of eligible employees enroll in an HDHP

81% of eligible employees participated in an HSA in 2018


of HSA holders contribute the annual maximum1


of HSA holders invest their funds for growth1


average amount HSA holders will underfund their accounts by in 20192

How much could underutilization be costing your organization?

You know that your HDHPs are underutilized and your HSAs are underfunded—but do you know how much that could be costing your organization?

Number of benefit eligible employees


% of employees not currently enrolled in an HDHP2

Average difference in employer-paid annual premium for HDHP and PPO plans3


Potential lost premium savings annually:

HDHP underutilization may be costing your organization significant premium dollars, but the underfunding of HSAs is only adding to the problem. Your organization benefits from a savings of 7.65% on every pre-tax dollar that your people contribute to tax-advantaged healthcare accounts. With the average HSA account holder underfunding their account by $1,000 every year, you could also be leaving significant tax savings on the table.