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Creating an ideal benefits experience

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Watch our on-demand, eye-opening benefits webinar where we cover why it’s imperative to implement successful employee engagement tactics and discuss the top strategies to create the best benefits experience possible.  

Why? Studies show that less than 5% of employees use additional health and wellness programs offered. Not only is it vital to offer these programs, but to get your people engaged in them as well.

Alight’s industry experts will help you learn:

  •     What’s at risk when engagement is not prioritized
  •     How to meet the needs of your employees for optimal engagement
  •     Actionable tips to address engagement and create the ideal benefits experience

Watch now and find out how to take control of and enhance your employee engagement strategy.

Get insights from top experts

Sara Taylor
Health Strategy Leader

Cliff Sentell
Health Navigation Leader

Erika Illiano
Consumer Experience Leader

Creating an ideal benefits experience

On-demand webinar

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